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Sample No. and temper σ0.2/MPa σb/MPa Elongation,%
Alloy YT-7075 Φ70×3mm in the T6 temper. 615.58 655.73 8.23
Alloy YT-7075 Φ70×6mm in the T6 temper. 536.4 615.9 12.15

Beijing Uniontop Technology Co. Ltd is a high-tech private company,which integrates R & D, manufacturing and marketing for aluminium extrusion profile products. Cooperated with academies of science and universities, we established a laboratory which has been concentrated on researching on high-performance aluminum alloy for more than 5 years. There are 25 professors & doctors in our research team and 120 engineers, 80 production technicians work in our factories now. Our production bases are located in Tianjin, Hebei and Shandong provinces.
Ultra-high-performance aluminum alloy is the core product of our company, whose entire properties are 30%-50% higher than the generally recognized highest strength---7055/7075. For example, the tensile strength of our 7055 can reach 650Mpa, and even 750Mpa. Compared with conventional casting, our casting is in the nature of so many ultra-high characteristics: high yield strength, high tensile strength, ultra-high elongation, high abrasion resistance, high hardness, good corrosion resistance, ductility and heat treatment. Meanwhile, our company has also solved the technical problem of weld.
We can produce all kinds of tubes and pipes, large-scale die casting shell, aluminum rod, aluminum ingots, which can be widely used for the high-end industries, such as aerospace industry, oil exploration industry, chemical industry, automobile manufacturing industry, machinery and heavy industry, military industry and nuclear industry. Our R&D department is ready to tailor any our products to fit your specifications.
We consistently adhere to the spirit of enterprise of credit, unity and diligence, so as to make advance of exploring higher quality and meeting the need of our clients.

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      • Sample No. and hot treatmen σ0.2/MPa σb/MPa Elongation,% 7055 Φ70×6mm,T6 . 601.8 660.2 14.35 7075 Φ70×6mm,T6. 536.4 615.9 12.15
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